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There is a first time for everything... Agent Clank!!!

This isn’t an official blog post, but I’m glad that you are here (first blog post should be up next week).

“In the begging God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen 1:1) and now, thousands of years later, I make my first youtube video.

There is no real comparison, I know. One cannot compare the complex -yet apparently effortless- creation of the reality we now know with, well… honestly, a really bad low budget video (edited with nothing more than Movie Maker on a weekend). However, its a beginning nonetheless.

When God had finished his creation He “saw everything he had made, and, behold, it was very good” (Gen 1:31). Me, on the other hand, I saw the video for the last time before uploading it and behold, it sucks… but I’m glad I’m starting this.

You see, I have dealt with great stress and anxiety in the past thanks to my perfectionism (If its not perfect its not worth it). But, not this time. I have learned with the years that -for us humans at least- perfection is a work of a lifetime. And sometimes, the most important part of the process is the beginning, because it can be the hardest to achieve.

Maybe we struggle with beginnings because of what they mean to us (vulnerability, exposition, validation, etc.) or sometimes because of what we lack (ideas, resources, etc.). Independently of the reason, getting through it is key to reach perfection.

“Can perfection even be reached?”

Well, I’m afraid the answer to that question is a matter for another day (a future blog post). But for the moment, I just want you to think in that verb: “reach”. I find it highly significant to understand the way perfection works in our daily lives. Perfection, is not something we posses; it is something we build and achieve over time (something we “reach”). And because of this (because “is not something we posses”) we cannot expect to have it from the very start, but, we can always achieve it, eventually, if we begin.

The quote at the beginning of this post comes from one of my all time favorite video games: “Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal”. In it, we hear Maximilian (the antagonist of “Secret Agent Clank”) utter the words quoted, after he asks the secret agent if he loses as gracefully as he wins. Clank´s impressive response is: “I would not know Maximilian… I never lose” and sadly, for Maximilian, he in fact never does.

This, of course, is done for the sake of comedy, but real life is quite different from Secret Agent Clank´s standards. The truth is, that we lose quite often. Since the day that Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit until now, failure is part of how we learn and how we grow. So, as you join me in these -my humble beginnings- I would like to thank you for being here with me from the very start, far from perfection. As we begin this journey together, I just want you to keep something in your mind: “You are far from perfect, but you are half way there, if you begin to try.”



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    😄😄😄 I’m hooked and ready to begin this journey with you. Congratulations bud! May God continue to bless your efforts!.

    1. EmersonO

      Thanks buddy!!! It´s flattering coming specially from the likes of you 🙂

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