About Faithality

Faithality is a personal ministry dedicated to make the christian experience more relevant for today´s world by offering new perspectives and clarity on the matters of faith and reality.

The topics of this blog are complemented by a YouTube channel and a Podcast with similar names (Faithality Blog/Faithality Podcast).

About the Author

Emerson Ortíz is a bachelor of theology (and currently a psychology student) with great interest in the arts, philosophy, natural sciences and the understanding of the will of God to help others in their struggle to have a better life and closer experience with God.

Emerson is from Honduras and currently lives in Costa Rica where he studies.

The History of Faithality


In 2015 after giving much thought to the ontological nature of the Trinity, Emerson began to think about it’s implications in the nature of reality. Here is where it all began. After thinking he had found something original, Emerson knew this was something he wanted to spend the rest of his life studying. And even better, he would write about it (in a book).

But there was a problem (more than one, really): His study would require knowledge in more than one discipline of science, it would require his time and focus, he also had ideas for other projects and yet he had to find a way to make a living and pay for his studies. How would he find the time to study the way he needed to if he had a job? What about the other projects? How would he pay for his studies in science? Such disciplines were not available in his country or his current country of residence and the budget was way above what he could ever dream of.

Emerson had found his calling, but he had yet to find a way to make it happen.


By the end of 2017 Emerson had learned about blogs, and old ideas were resurfacing with much strength. 

At this point, Emerson had thought of many alternatives to accomplish his goals. He had also dealt with much anxiety because of his concern about the will of God for his life. But after a couple of undesirable experiences, valuable life lessons and new insights, he chose to follow his passions fully. It so happens that Emerson was not only interested in science, but throughout all of his life he had a close connection with the arts.

Earlier in his life as teenager and during the first years of his early adulthood, Emerson wanted to make a YouTube channel, but the idea had always drowned among many others. Now, however, it wasn’t just something he wanted to do, this time, there was a purpose behind it. And so, Faithality was born. The project would consist of an article that would lightly address some of the insights Emerson had about faith and reality, and a YouTube video that would work as an illustration of the same topic. Having settled on this, he used all of his savings to buy the most descent camera he could get for the money at the time (a Panasonic Lumix G7), an audio interface (even if he couldn’t get the mic yet), a cheap lapel microphone for the camera and a few other low cost items to start his project. The rest, was spent in the hosting of this website.


After finally getting the new equipment, learning how to set up the website and feeling comfortable enough with the overall esthetics of the project, Faithality had is official launch in October of 2018.

The project had a good start and was overall well received. People were responding positively to both the articles and the videos, but launching the project came with a cost; having pushed a lot of his responsibilities to get the project running, meant Emerson soon found himself overwhelmed with work. And so, the project had a break from it’s weekly schedule, and the next article and video came much later that year.


With the hopes of a fresh start, 2019 came with promises of new content. However, Emerson soon found himself limited by the hardware he had (his computer to be precise).

Feeling that he always had more to say than what he did in the articles, Emerson wanted to start a new series of informational videos, but soon found out the limits of an integrated graphics card and 4GB of RAM. Everything until that point had been done with the “good ol’ ” Movie Maker, but only so much could be done with the program to carry on with the vision. An attempt was made and a video was uploaded. But despite finding a much appreciated support from some members of the audience, Emerson took down the video after finding it boring and very far from his ideal. However, he found out that listening to the monologue was a lot more interesting than watching it with a video. And from this, the idea of a podcast came to be.

The project was still far from it’s potential, and after upgrading to 8GB of RAM, Emerson made his last video for the project in October of that year. The upgrade did make the last video possible, but it also made the limitations clear. Because of this, Emerson resolved to make money for new hardware and software. The kind he needed to take the project to the next level. In the meantime, from the second half of 2019 to the first half of 2020 he worked in the translation of the videos and podcasts he had published until that moment. The second half of 2020 was spent saving money for yet another type of content that would mark the rebirth of the project: music.


Coming soon…

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